Jewelry Insurance

Protecting your jewelry is something many people assume is already included in a homeowner policy. However, every homeowner policy is different in how they offer to cover your jewelry in the event of a loss. Will it cover it in the event of fire? Theft? Loss? Will they only cover a minimal sum before they tell you it is no longer covered by your policy? With some carriers it may not cover it at all.

Whether you are looking to protect your grandmother’s wedding ring, a custom piece you’ve commissioned or the ring you received when you were first proposed to, jewelry is often tied to the people and places that mean the most to us. SouthEast Insurance Services understands and is able to talk you through how best to protect it.

We understand that navigating those questions can be challenging. Let us help you protect the value of these important pieces by finding you a policy that fits your unique needs. Call our licensed agents today at 1-844-813-4529 to get your expert, no commitment quote.